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RESPONSIBILITY –  associated with many different definitions, connotations, opinions, and emotions. Since starting the By Told journey we have had a clear goal: uncompromising to quality, we aspire to the most responsible supply chain possible, with meticulous attention to the people and resources involved, from all that is obvious to the very detail. Our responsibility approach stands at the core of our DNA, our creation inspired by the desire to create a company with a positive impact on the communities we touch.

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Centuries old heritage artform preservation

Each intricate piece buttresses traditional skills and indigenous hand embroidery techniques. This art, which carries with it a strong legacy and rich cultural heritage, is slowly being lost in its pure hand embroidery form. By reincarnating modern day art into wearable hand embroidered embodiment, we hope to engender greater appreciation for the craft, and preserve this extraordinary medium for centuries to come. Each By Told embroidery art piece is accompanied by an authenticating peace silk booklet, which is personally signed by its creator, giving provenance to our skilled Karigar partners. 


Fair business practice commitment

Our principal ambition is to have each By Told piece stand strong as s beacon of humanity, fairness and kindness. By Told is exclusively engaging with stakeholders that share our ambition to build fair, open, and collaborative partnerships, with respect, dignity and trust.  We have carefully selected partners that engage with fair wage policies; our screening process has in most instances led us to partners surpassing ‘fair’ standards, some with established social programs and foundations to help disadvantaged members of the communities.  

Community reinvestment promise

By Told was conceived with a vision: to establish a company that, one product at a time, can effect positive change in the communities we touch. To reflect this intent, we have established a supply chain that aims to involve, whenever possible, non-governmental and charity organizations that are working tirelessly to help artisan and other marginalized communities. Our garment bags are created in collaboration with two non-governmental organizations. One is designed to particularly support local Indian handicraft, and another is made with left over material alongside a charity initiative to help Karigars in need.

In addition to developing a positive supply chain, we are pledging 5% of our sales proceed to charities who support communities in need, particularly those focused on helping to create viable alternatives. Since By Told has been established during the times of a global pandemic, we have yet been unable to travel to faraway places and we are worried about making decisions without the benefit of on-site visits. Stay tuned for our forthcoming charity announcement!



Meticulous natural materials selection

For all our By Told pieces, we have carefully sourced natural fibers, opting to work with precious high-quality fabrics such as silks, cashmeres and wool. None of our materials include synthetic add-ins. Where possible, we opt for organic fibers, or humane alternatives such as peace silk. We have profoundly investigated our partnerships, questioning assertion and verifying resources, with many sampling rounds and hours of research; we are working on further expanding the certifications for our materials and fibers. 


Thoughtful design proposition  

We deliberately design versatile adjustable pieces, supporting a minimal wardrobe concept. We are in the process of developing investment pieces that can be altered to transition across seasons and occasions. Timeless embroidery art taking center stage, our works are subtly tuned and detailed for a wardrobe that can transcend trends. Stay tuned for the unveiling the By Told tailored line. 

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Extension of life philosophy

Creating heirloom pieces is synonymous with employing high finishing standards and materials designed to withstand the test of time. Even the best quality works can be frayed by our everyday life rituals. We want to enhance the lifecycle of our products and you to live in comfort knowing that we stand behind all our pieces.

Repair. Should one of your collector pieces end up damaged, we will organize expert mending to help extend the garment’s life.  Please contact us at to learn more. 

Buy-Back.  In addition to repair, we are committed to extending the loved life of By Told pieces through our buy-back commitment. We understand the value of each of our limited-edition collectable works and welcome them back into our store through trade-in possibilities. Please contact us at to learn more.

Thoughtfully selected packaging. Every By Told limited edition piece is carefully packed in a recycled eco- friendly paper box and wrapped in FSC certified tissue paper. Our labels are made of recycled polyester, and our hangtags from FSC recycled paper. These items have proven to best fulfil our demands in regard to responsibility and aesthetics. 

As a new company we have had the opportunity to make thoughtful decisions about our partnerships and supply chain from day number one. We are learning, growing, and aiming to continuously improve. We aspire to have a more measurable approach to our responsibility so we can keep ourselves accountable and share our progress. We are persistently working to meet our high standards and ambitions and looking forward to sharing this journey with you. 

- By Told

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