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A dark shadow, merging in a disarray of rousing thoughts concealed by the grace of Jester in his extravagant shoes with bows and coated by a fanciful silk collar. Wearing this lively piece of art is bold – be prepared for being in the spotlight. Embracing the thrill of vivacious design, we have laid Jester in a sumptuous canvas, a poncho made of the finest cashmere, responsibly sourced and produced in Scotland. So soft is the canvas, Jester is torn between states of conscious and unconscious, a paralysis, without the need to separate reality and dreams. Jester was first born in oil on canvas in 2012, a figment of Jill Tegan Doherty’s imagination, painstakingly recreated nearly a decade later with needle and thread. Each piece embroidered over the course of 350 hours by India’s most talented Karigars. We are celebrating Jester’s eccentricity with limited edition hand embroidered ponchos. This piece of art is accompanied by an authentically signed silk booklet, and boxed in a luxurious, eco-friendly paper box, honoring art, artisanship and timelessness at By Told

The Jester And The Thief Poncho

1.965,00 €Price
VAT Included
Color: ecru
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