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Viktoria Strecker’s Skotom emerges from a realm where the boundaries between consciousness and the subconscious are blurred. Using a fine needle on board to translate visions arising from a heightened state of receptiveness, Strecker invites us to delve into an ethereal dimension. A conduit for whispers of collective consciousness and previsions, Strecker unravels intricate lights and electrical lattices manifesting in the periphery of her visual perception.  Strecker’s visions explore the interplay between chaos and recognizable forms, taking her to the precipice where reality and the uncharted subconscious converge. A visual composition transcending Strecker's individual perspective, Skotom resonates as a mysterious language of unseen universal forces. Lying where the unknown and materiality intertwine, Strecker’s Skotom unveils the extraordinary that surrounds us. 


Ivory threads are hand embroidered by master artisans in India to  add flare to pockets, wrists and central back for a unique look. The jewel like Skotom patches adorn a super soft heavy weight chunky cashmere sweater, which is responsibly knitted in Scottland in small batch.


Skotom Chunky Sweater

1.425,00 €Price
VAT Included
  • One size, M

  • Navy

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