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A burgeoning masterpiece unfolds across the wall, its flowing and rhythmic waves capturing the viewer's imagination. "Sinter," a creation of the talented Viktoria Strecker, comes to life through the use of a 3D pen and PLA composed of ground wood particles and corn starch.


'Sinter,' a name rich in symbolism, alludes to the elusive 'Blitzsinter,' a German term for Fulgurite, a phenomenon that occurs when lightning, in its uncontrollable fury, strikes the earth, instantly transforming ordinary sand into intricately ornate, jewel-like formations. With a touch of nature's tempestuous power, Strecker embarks on a captivating alchemical journey, using the 3D pen's heat to elevate earthly materials into molten trails of delicately interwoven filigree reliefs.


"Sinter" by Strecker stands as an artifact born from the tempest itself, a testament to a moment of heat and haste. The material, once liquid, swiftly solidifies in an instant, setting an accelerated tempo for Strecker's confident and decisive artistic strokes. Her movements, honed through years of experimentation with molten materials, exude an air of freedom and spontaneity. Strecker's lace-like contours gracefully beckon the observer, and her swiftly melded materials form shapes that sweep you away into her ethereal world.


Our talented Karigar partners in Mumbai have masterfully reincarnated Strecker’s Sinter with hand, needle and thread over hundreds of hours. The lustrous bronze metallic threads and French knots twist and contort into Sinter on this bed of super soft neutral toned hand woven cashmere.


This 100% cashmere shimmering shawl was handwoven in the mountains of Kashmir by Kashmir Loom. Silver metallic threads on one side, natural toned cashmere on the other, this super soft Dorukha shawl shimmers with your every move.  To learn more about our long-standing collaboration with Kashmir Loom, visit our discovery page.

Sinter Shimmer Cashmere Shawl

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