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Strecker painted one of her masterpieces, Musk, in Berlin in 2021 using oil paint and ink on photopaper. Musk manifests an explosive fusion of contemporary and ancient materials, piercing through time as Strecker applies a self-mixed 400-year-old intense violet oil ink recipe on present day photopaper and marker ink. Reacting with the photopaper, the rich violet hues detonate with intensity around deep points of saturation, slowly easing into translucence with Batik-like effect. The sensual violet tones pulsate with life under the glow of Strecker’s colored lattice structures. The delicately drawn filigrees undulate rhythmically across the canvas, forming a thin veil that invites a discovery of the work’s iterations. Experience its effortless transitions from raw power to grace.


Strecker, expectant at the time of Musk’s creation, might be sharing a window into the genesis of life, each corner of the canvas bursting with vitality. Strecker’s pilgrimage of colors sends the canvas spinning into a carousel of life, swirling with brilliant flashes of color, only to be grounded by its intense sanguine undertones. Interlaced with an effervescence of life, Musk seems to transcend the senses as its name suggests—Musky. Rich. Sensual. Immerse in Musk and imbibe from the fountain of life itself.


We have reimagined Strecker’s Musk into a beautiful peace silk shawl, selecting this gorgeous satin fabric in celebration of life. The sumptuous peace silk is backed by precious woven cashmere, wool and silk. Hand-embroidered over hundreds of hours by our skilled Karigar partners, these captivating shawls are loaded with brilliant colors and fine needle detailing. Wrap yourself in the incredible peace silk shawl to feel the energy and power of Musk.

Musk Extra Large Shawl

1.450,00 €Price
VAT Included
  • This piece is hand crafted in India, with peace silk and cashmere backing.  

  • The hand-embroidery is undertaken by talented Karigar partners in India

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