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Viktoria Strecker's artistic journey into 3D drawing with a heat pen began with her striking monochromatic installation, Mold. This work marked a pivotal moment in her career, a passage that offers viewers the opportunity to step behind her drawings and immerse to experience her art from new perspectives.


Mold’s sprawling, jet-black lattice-like structure stride across white-washed walls, effortlessly nestling around corners in modular clusters. These clusters, or "heads," form the foundational elements of Mold, allowing for dismantling and reassembly into fresh compositions that adapt to new spaces and evolve into novel architectural forms. Strecker’s innovative approach with Mold led to her debut solo exhibit in Düsseldorf and ignited her nearly decade-long exploration with the 3D pen, and her unceasing experimentation with evolving and innovative printing materials.


Transitioning from paper to open-air drawing, Strecker embraced the exhilarating freedom of creating floating air sketches. The printing material, once liquid, swiftly solidifies, setting an accelerated tempo for her decisive air-strokes and radiating a sense of liberty and spontaneity. Her 3D pen, reminiscent of an alchemist’s wand, crystallizes Strecker’s rhythmic movements in time. Defying both time and gravity, Mold’s dynamic, lace-like formations conjure the weightlessness of an ethereal dimension.


Our skilled artisans, the cornerstone of this heritage craft, leave no detail unnoticed in our hand-embroidered interpretation of Mold. Each piece is a labor of love, meticulously embroidered with hand and needle over countless hours. These fine black threads are placed on our long fringe 100% cashmere shawl  responsibly hand-crafted in Nepal in small batch. Each stitch and every thread woven into the fabric represents a dedication to beauty, craftsmanship, and the harmonious blend of nature's elements.

Mold Cashmere Shawl

1.050,00 €Price
VAT Included
Color: ecru
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