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This sumptuous featherweight cashmere cardigan has been gorgeously embellished with an oversized hand-embroidered interpretation of Strecker's Kleinformate drawing.   Embroidered over hundreds of hours by our talented partners in India, the monochromatic structures are mesmerizing. The cardigan's soft lightweight knit flows effortless with every move, adding power and grace to the long lines and clean silhouette. Cocoon in this heavenly soft reinterpretation of Kleinformate, and dare to see where it takes you.


In Kleinformate, Viktoria Strecker probes the boundaries of abstraction, playing with innate survivalist human instincts and deeply embedded memories to conjure iterations in her abstract drawings—a psychological phenomenon called pareidolia. Strecker’s repetitive organic structures cleverly arouse deep associative memories that toy with brain perceptions, fluidly transcending her abstruse organic forms into seemingly recognizable subjects. Deliberately devoid of color and made only with ballpoint pen and paper to underscore the power of form, Strecker’s monochromatic structures sporadically exhale flashes of lucidly recognizable figures, each time waking our own personal illusions. Dare to see where this one takes you.



Kleinformate Featherweight Long Hooded Cashmere Cardigan

1.100,00 €Price
VAT Included
Color: snow white
  • Made with Italian Cashmere, knitted responsibly in Nepal, and meticulously hand-embroidered in India.

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