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Close your eyes imagine the scene - can you feel the tentacles, softly touching your skin? Embracing your body, the tactical sensations stimulating life in you, caressing your soul. Underwater, taking a deep breath, smelling the sea, sensing the pure revitalizing air. Electrified, vital forces creating a feeling beyond the limits of emotions, beyond the boundaries of senses. The fine silk and cashmere fibers wrapping around you, vibrating catalysts, enthralled by the energy of this piece of art, the three-dimensional threads making Jellyfish come alive.


Embody this energy and flourish your soul in our hand embroidered- limited edition shawls. Embracing the thrill of elegant and vivacious design, we have laid Jellyfish II in a sumptuous canvas, responsibly sourced and hand crafted from silk and cashmere. Jellyfish II was first born in oil on canvas in 2019. As a figment of Jill Tegan Doherty’s observation and imagination, the thrilling artwork came to life after many hours of paint filled brushes caressing the surface and blending layers of reality.


Three years later he has been painstakingly recreated with needle and thread. Each piece has been hand embroidered over the course of 752 hours by India’s most talented Karigars. Each piece of art is accompanied by an authentically signed silk booklet, wrapped in an organic linen garment bag and boxed in a luxurious, eco-friendly paper box, honoring artisanship and timelessness at By Told.

Jellyfish Shawl

2.650,00 €Price
VAT Included
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