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Plunging deep underneath the earth’s surface, we find a visually striking encapsulation of ancient life, a source of energy and light. Conquering time, these fossilized calamite coal specimens hold within them power that descended upon the earth from the sun, thousands of years ago. These photographed pieces, extracted from the ground in the Donbas region, have much to recount of their past and present. Once they flourished to witness a time of peace in this now contested region; today, these specimens spark their own controversy as they are extracted and burned at an ever-rising pace to help keep the lights on amidst gas shortages.


With shining semi-precious moonstones, finely hand-embroidered French knots, and anthracite toned threads, we have re-imagined these fossilized stores of energy. 



Fossilized Chunky Sweater, Fueled Series

1.850,00 €Price
VAT Included
  • 100%  Cashmere, Dry Clean Only. Semi-precious Moon Stones and Labrodytes

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