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Energy is pumping through your blood, your veins; this intense feeling of freedom and power, getting stronger, explosive, Bam! There it is, grab it. Hold it tight – like an axe! The royal red silk elements intertwining your motion and mind, your life from above. Standstill in a loop of time, somewhere between beginning and end, swathed in this piece of art, feeling the soft cashmere on your skin. In this union of contrast, simplicity turns into complexity, and tranquility turns into energy. Embody this energy and flourish your power in our hand embroidered- limited edition shawls. Embracing the thrill of elegant and vivacious design, we have laid I Am Real I Am Not Real in a sumptuous canvas, responsibly sourced and hand crafted from silk and cashmere. I Am Real I Am Not Real was first born in oil on canvas in 2018. As a figment of Jill Tegan Doherty’s imagination, the thrilling artwork came to life after many hours of paint filled brushes caressing the surface and blending layers of reality. Four years later he has been painstakingly recreated with needle and thread. Each piece has been embroidered by India’s most talented Karigars. Each piece of art is accompanied by an authentically signed silk booklet, wrapped in an organic linen garment bag and boxed in a luxurious, eco-friendly paper box, honoring artisanship and timelessness at By Told.

I am Real I am Not Real Shawl

2.250,00 €Price
VAT Included
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