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Strecker’s delicate figures flicker and swirl, as if in a dance sparked by a bonfire-- you are immediately drawn deep into Strecker’s memerizing world. Piece by piece, each featherweight paper invites you through a secret passage leading you into her sphere. Strecker’s vaguely familiar organic forms infuse a sense of comfort, but keep you grasping for your bearings as you encounter the unexpected. The almost ethereal quality of BONS is beautifully grounded by Strecker's choice of material: shopping receipts, each with its storied earthly history….


Our talented Karigar partners in India have masterfully reincarnated Strecker’s BONS with needle and thread over hundreds of hours. Hand-embroidered on lustrous navy satin silk strips, these lightweight silk appliques sway into a dance with your every move—a truly dazzling effect. Let yourself be swept into Strecker’s world of BONS -- otherworldly, yet so blissfully uncontrived.


This super soft heavy weight chunky cashmere sweater is knitted in Scottland in small batch, and the silk BONS hand-embroidered by our talented Karigar partners in Mumbai. 


BONS Chunky Sweater - Navy

1.300,00 €Price
VAT Included
  • 100% Cashmere, 100% Silk Bons

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