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A distinct line slithers through the inner city, a decades old scar, portioning East from West- the vestiges of deep divisions created by the Berlin wall can still be gleaned today from outer space. Symbolic of a past divide, Berlin’s shining lights also bring into focus a more present story unfolding. Streams of gas ceasing, a raging war to the East, murmurs of grid sabotages in the dark depths of the Berlin winter, these shimmering lights as seen high above the earth’s atmosphere, tell a tale of Berlin’s tour de force, against the odds. 


This limited-edition cashmere shawl, from the series Fueled takes you back in history, while feeling ever so current. Shades of gold and silver metallic threads, mirror the changing warmth in luminescense as you cross from East to West Berlin. This eye-catching hand embroidery is spattered with semi-precious moonstones to capture Berlin's happening nightscape. The hand-embroidery is laid on a soft black cashmere hand woven shawl, made with heritage techniques in the Kashmir region.


The piece is wrapped in a handmade garment bag, and is boxed in a luxurious, eco-friendly paper box - honoring art, artisanship, and timelessness at By Told. 

Berlin at Night, Fueled Series

800,00 €Price
VAT Included
  • 100% cashmere, dry clean only

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