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The Puppets of Darkness is a series launched in support of the Ukraine. All pieces are based on the seismic geopolitical shifts being etched in the world around us, as visible from 20,000km above the earth’s orbit. The embroideries are inspired by satellite photos (NASA and ESA), reinterpreted at By Told, and embellished by our talented embroidery partners in Mumbai. All profits from the series will be donated to the UNHCR and Bellingcat. Bellingcat is an NGO working with satellite imagery, among many other resources, to report on and expose the truth on important topics shaping the world around us. 


Avarice 23.02.2022


Overnight, everything changed. This shawl was inspired by Satellite photos of Russian troops and ammunition on Ukraine’s Eastern border, one snowy day before the invasion.

Our snow colored cashmere blend shawls are woven in Nepal. The limited edition shawls are finished with hand embroidered pewter, silver, bronze metallic threads and cotton yarn.



975,00 €Price
VAT Included
  • 60x270

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