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D U N J A   A.  K E R R

A R T I S T   C O L A B O R A T I O N S 



Shimmering treasures, connecting patterns, rushing lines amidst the formations in the delicate nature of colors. 


Dunja A. Kerr loves making art for other people. She enjoys the process of its production - finds herself in a meditative state for hours. She is inspired by her immediate surroundings: from the play of light and shadow and from shapes that sometimes merge into floral or animal silhouettes and complex surfaces while she is drawing them. Everything flows through her spirit to the paper. Circle after circle, after circle.

Gold and silver ink reflect the richness of life in her drawings. Dunja A. Kerr’s abstraction of reality and pure colorfulness give rise to wonderful, and one-of-a-kind drawings that can be seen as a modern take on Pointillism in the era of Impressionism. 

Her densely aligned circles openly inspire’ a production of different images in each viewer - and when the gold starts to shimmer, the round seeds of happiness and the eyes gazing at you become magical.

"Do more of what makes you happy," she always says! Living in London as an artist and working mum, she is able to let all in-tensions move her circles and create fascinating patterns that now will be interpreted as embroidery. 


B Y  T O L D   C O N VE R S A T I O N S 


For our designs, we are collaborating with artists and artisans from all over the world, creating exclusive handcrafted one-of a kind garments and accessories, that each have a unique story behind. With By Told we want to tell this story and open conversations with people close to our heart to speak about art, handcraft, ethical fashion and more. Leanna, Beatrice, Karoline and Antonia - the By Told core team – invite you to join the conversation and get a more personal and deeper insight into the label and anything that lays behind it.  

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