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The Puppets of Darkness is a series launched in support of the Ukraine, and a desire to gain an alternative perspective of the seismic geopolitical shifts being etched in the world around us. All pieces from this collection are based on satellite photos (NASA and ESA), reinterpreted at By Told, and embellished by our talented embroidery partners in Mumbai. All profits from the series will be donated to the UNHCR and Bellingcat. Bellingcat is an NGO working with satellite imagery, among many other resources, to report on and expose the truth on important topics shaping the world around us. 


Avarice 23.2.2022

The largest country on earth, spanning 17.1 million km2, is not enough

Avarice’s plot to expand is visible from 20,000 km above the earth on 23.2.2022


Satellite photos of Russian troops and ammunition on Ukraine’s Eastern border one snowy day before the invasion. 


One man’s avarice seen from above

Puppets of darkness rising, as if moved by ghosts of centuries bygone 

Gaining ever more voracity, feeding on shattered souls

Smoke billowing like demonic shadows over what has been crushed 

Borders undulating under the clouds of despair

Boundaries broken, slashed, 

New lines imagined under the flickering sparks

The sounds of a last breath

Lights out, darkness descending upon the night map


A quick blink, a glimpse of something ominous taking shape, visible from high above in the night sky 

Avarice sets his unwelcomed sights Beyond the GatesPushing at the boundaries of Europe, bringing the continent into a closer huddle


Satellite photos of Europe at night.  Sweden and Finland join forces with NATO.


Shimmering bright lights flickering in the night

Rising intensely as if carrying a sign of life itself

Avarice strikes

Lights out


Satellite photos of Ukraine before and after the Russian invasion.

By - TOLD - Berlin black&white.png
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