Leanna Byerlee - Ambassador of By Told
While traveling the world for 20 years as a Managing Director for the New York based JP Morgan on a quest to decipher economic risk, I have always left space in my luggage to bring home preciously crafted pieces defining the complexity and heritage of local encounters across continents. It was that complexity of narrative that gave texture to the cold numbers defining finance. Foraging through macroeconomic statistics can be similar to reading tea leaves; the economic realities on the ground often came reeling to real life between meetings, gliding through market places with master artisans, hearing their voices recounting observations of the uncasual. It is ultimately those untold stories that I am taking on this new venture, stories that have come to be a powerful ambassador in the brand, By Told.
Antonia Benecke - Director of Communications 

Since my teenage years of secretly smoking, wearing ripped tights and vanishing in Berlin’s party scene, I’ve had the drive to express myself through fashion. This journey started in Berlin’s second- hand shops, searching for the most run-down jeans jackets and oversized sweaters to complete my wannabe hipster look. And then 180°; from wannabe hipster to overly conventional and pretentious, with an obsession for high- fashion and luxury brands. 

After graduating, my self- discovery process has taken me around the world. Travelling for almost two years with one backpack and a very minimal wardrobe, I came to the realization that both extremes weren’t substantive, but rather phases that have shaped who I am. My new chapter: a fusion, somewhat alternative and somewhat conventional with a slight penchant for the extraordinary; taking inspiration form the beautiful diversity of cultures and art. Elements that are so magically combined at Bytold; a brand and a creative space, that can make the intangible tangible. 

My passion for visual things has always been closely combined with the wish to explore and express things beyond the visual, and create something purposeful behind a piece of art. In my studies as a communication designer, I have the opportunity to embrace my passion for design, while documenting and visualizing stories and mindsets through different creative mediums. 

Traveling and generally going through life with open eyes has taught me to find inspiration in everything that surrounds me. Being curious and seeing beauty in the smallest things and actions of life and eventually discovering that more lies behind a place, a piece of art or a human than what is visible at first sight. Looking underneath the surface and making the invisible visible is the main inspiration behind everything I create in life and something I am happy to embrace and to expand on in the creative space of By Told.

Karoline Noerbaek - Director of Art