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Run, run faster, left, right, up, down – trying to escape the dark circling thoughts – in high heeled shoes emblazoned in a coat with a fluffy ruff and an elegant button line made of precious pearls. The fancy attire pointing us directly to this moment. Prima facie – so relaxed looking into the eyes of the sparrow – is this a stranger? Sheltered by knee pads and stockings shimmering in the void, obstructing thoughts circling – obstructing dark circles. Delve into deeps thoughts and stories untold, with Dark Circles in our hand embroidered- limited edition shawls. Embracing the thrill of elegant and vivacious design, we have laid Dark Circles in a sumptuous canvas, responsibly sourced and hand crafted from silk and cashmere. Dark Circles was first born in oil on canvas in 2011, a figment of Jill Tegan Doherty’s imagination, and painstakingly recreated 11 years later with needle and thread. Each piece has been embroidered over the course of 250 hours by India’s most talented Karigars. Each piece of art is accompanied by an authentically signed silk booklet, wrapped in an organic linen garment bag and boxed in a luxurious, eco-friendly paper box, honoring artisanship and timelessness at By Told.

Dark Circles Shawl

1.025,00 €Price
VAT Included
Color: snow white
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