By Told is dedicated to crafting pieces that forge a passage of discovery, layering the beautiful, meaningful, and purposeful. Ingratiating themselves in memory and emotion, By Told pieces are designed to captivate everlasting interest, treasured and revered for years to come.  By Told celebrates artistic expression and works of passion, and creates a canvas that makes the intangible tangible. By Told works are a tribute to the most irreducible human asset, artistry, which possesses the power to create vital alternatives and unleash microeconomic potential; by infusing the worlds of art and social impact, our pieces touch on deeper dimensions, and emit an authentic life pulse. 
The creativity behind a work of art, and its skillful reincarnation into a wearable piece, probes into our senses and engraves its space in our memory. Each crafted piece acts like a Porthole with the power to unlock our memories and relive our cherished experiences.

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